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Diabetes is REVERSIBLE, Part II

A wonderful HealthyCosmos reader yesterday shared this article entitled “Preventing a Diabetes Tsunami” in response to my own article about diabetes being curable. After having read it, I wanted to dedicate another post to our discussion of diabetes.

I like that this article points out that “significant lifestyle changes” with no use even of medication can completely change one’s ability to regulate blood glucose levels. That being said, my wish is that people would stop seeing eating a healthy vegan diet as such a significant and radical change, especially when the alternative is lifelong medication. What greatly upsets me is that almost everyone is given their prescriptions without even being told that there is another completely natural option that will make them healthier in all aspects of their life. It’s ultimately a patient’s prerogative to decide on his or her own treatment, but it is the responsibility of the medical system and its providers to share ALL avenues available so that patients are well-informed. It is their well-being and their lives at stake, after all.

This article talks a lot about obesity and its co-morbidity with diabetes, but the way in which it does so once again highlights the traditional medical focus on treating the symptoms after the fact. What is necessary, and what I am trying to do by writing for this website, is to educate people and give them the proper information that they can then use to be healthier and happier. We all know obesity is a major epidemic, but you can’t just tell all obese people to be healthier, to simply eat less and to exercise more. This is too vague and is obviously ineffective given the still rapidly increasing rates. We need to outline HOW to be healthier and WHAT it means to be healthy. From the start there needs to be in place an honest educational system, one that is in the best interest of the people and not the pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, beef industry, etc., as is currently the case. This would help those already obese, but it would also prevent many others from becoming obese because they would have the knowledge that soda and fast food and beef and milk are unhealthy and cannot be consumed all the time with no repercussions, even despite our unethically being bombarded with commercials telling us otherwise.

Finally, I want to comment on the last part of the article. In the “Fact File,” it states:

“Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are chronic, lifelong conditions that require careful monitoring and control. Uncontrolled high blood sugar levels can cause long-term damage to various organs and tissues, including the heart and blood vessels (potential heart attack and stro

ke), kidneys (potential for kidney failure), nerves (possible limb amputations) and eyes (potential for loss of vision). – Sources: International Diabetes Federation and Novo Nordisk”

Notice here that the International Diabetes Federation itself states that Diabetes I and II are chronic, lifelong conditions. I just want to point out that diabetes does not have to be a chronic, lifelong condition, and that it can, in fact, be entirely reversed. Yes, this requires lifestyle changes, but look at what diabetes can lead to: “Uncontrolled high blood sugar levels can cause long-term damage to various organs and tissues, including the heart and blood vessels (potential heart attack and stroke), kidneys (potential for kidney failure), nerves (possible limb amputations) and eyes (potential for loss of vision).” Isn’t it worth it not just to try to manage this illness, but to get rid of it, to risk no longer the long-term damage to your organs and tissues?

Truth be told, these necessary lifestyle changes are not limited to those with diabetes. Almost everyone in modern society requires significant lifestyle changes because we are literally eating and stressing ourselves into our graves. A look at the soaring rates of disease confirm this. What we need is to be clearly educated about health. Until major industries become more ethical (i.e. less emphasis on profits and more emphasis on the truth about their products and social welfare), what we need are people who we can rely on to help us navigate through the often confusing and conflicting information constantly thrown at us about what is healthy. I don’t see the pharmaceutical industry backing down anytime soon, and I can understand the fact that nobody wants to take a financial hit in a world so driven by money, and that the whole point of business is to make a profit, but it is tremendously upsetting to see people being continuously misinformed and misguided, especially when it leads to their dealing with debilitating illness.

So, in this context, let me point out once again that diabetes can be reversed. It likely requires a big lifestyle change (after all, your body is sending you signals that you need one), but it is so incredibly worth it! Imagine your life with no insulin shots or without taking handfuls of pills 2 or 3 times a day. That can be your reality. Do some research, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and consult your doctor if you’re already on medications (but be prepared with your research because they are trained to believe that the only line of treatment is medication–maybe even give him or her some resources to check out, like the movie Simply Raw, or some of Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ books so that they can inform other patients of alternative, more effective, and natural options).

documentary about reversing diabetes, featuring diabetes expert Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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