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My energy soup at the Ann Wigmore Institute of Natural Health

Slow Down. Appreciate Your Food

People these days inhale their food so quickly that they overeat. They do not take the time to enjoy the flavor, the meal, and the entire process. Eating should be a very conscious act. Being conscious makes people eat less but enjoy their food more. It also improves digestion, in part because people chew much more which, as I mentioned in two earlier posts (here and here), greatly improves our assimilation of nutrients. Since we live in a world where people are usually so busy and stressed that they don’t ever take the time to sit and chew, I wanted […] more


Always Make Chewing Motions!

We have 2 kinds of digestion: mechanical digestion and chemical digestion. Mechanical digestion is the actual breakdown of food into smaller pieces, which we achieve by chewing. Chemical digestion is the chemical breakdown of foods into smaller pieces, which is accomplished with digestive enzymes and the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs. When we blend our food (as in smoothies, soups, etc.), we have already taken care of the mechanical digestion which makes digestion much easier, but we must still make a chewing motion when consuming blended foods. Don’t just gulp down your smoothie, tempting as it may be. The reason […] more


Chew, Chew, Chew Your Food

Chew, chew, chew your food! Remember, your stomach does not have teeth so help your digestion and avoid bloating, gas, and a host of other digestive discomforts by chewing your food thoroughly. Your food should be a purée before you swallow it. Macrobiotics chew each mouthful at least 50 times before swallowing. If you can’t manage that, count what you currently do and aim for a number that is higher than that. Take one bite, put the fork down, chew thoroughly, and swallow. Repeat, trying to increase the number of chews each time. It’s a simple, but exceptionally effective and […] more


Some Interesting Facts About Digestion

We are not what we eat, but what we absorb. It’s so important to maintain the integrity of the digestive system because it is responsible for breaking down anything we ingest and then assimilating the present nutrients. If the digestive system is not functioning properly (and almost everyone falls into the category of a malfunctioning digestive tract, especially those who consume the Standard American Diet), then your entire body is out of balance. I cannot stress enough the importance of good digestion. But before I talk about how to improve digestion and what proper digestion even looks like, I thought […] more


Choose Organic For the Good of the World

Choosing organic protects the environment. Organic farms do not use pesticides and other noxious, artificial chemicals on their crops so, unlike in non-organic farms, they do not pollute the environment with these harmful chemicals. Organic farming practices also are simply more sustainable for the environment. Moreover, choosing organic protects the health of farmers and farm workers. They have to come into direct contact with these chemicals when they work on non-organic farms (whereas consumers “only” ingest and breathe in the residue, which in itself is very harmful) and they have been shown to have higher incidences of cancer as a […] more


Choose Organic For Your Health

Simply by existing in this world, we are exposed to myriad toxins on a daily basis so it is important that we make an effort to reduce exposure where possible. People wanting to protect their children’s health should take even more precaution because children’s undeveloped immune systems make them less capable of detoxifying and therefore even more susceptible to damage. The rise of developmental disorders and cancer is linked to the increased consumption of pesticides–ADHD, for example, has increased by 250% in the past ten years–so it is truly sad that a recent study at Stanford’s pediatric hospital showed that […] more


Fast Food is NOT Cheaper

Next time you decide to go to McDonald’s or some other fast food place “because it’s cheaper,” consider this breakdown by the New York Times: This image, and the accompanying article, clearly indicate that home-cooked meals work out to be the cheaper option, and vegetarian home-cooked meals are by far the cheapest. The reality is that fast food and those packaged, processed junk foods that you pick up in the supermarket are convenient, but they are not all that inexpensive, particularly when you consider their long-term costs. This rampant consumption of junk food that we see today directly leads to […] more

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