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a high powered blender gives the best results

The Benefits of Blending

Blending food effectively breaks it down, enabling our bodies to assimilate very easily the nutrients contained within. The structured water in the fruits/vegetables and the enzymes are released during the blending process and, as a result, are much more easily digested and absorbed. By blending, you spare your gastrointestinal tract the hard work required for digesting, and the energy that would have been used in that process can instead be used for other things, such as healing and rejuvenating your body. For this reason, consuming blended food is crucial for people who are very sick and whose immune systems desperately […] more


Diabetes is REVERSIBLE, Part II

A wonderful HealthyCosmos reader yesterday shared this article entitled “Preventing a Diabetes Tsunami” in response to my own article about diabetes being curable. After having read it, I wanted to dedicate another post to our discussion of diabetes. I like that this article points out that “significant lifestyle changes” with no use even of medication can completely change one’s ability to regulate blood glucose levels. That being said, my wish is that people would stop seeing eating a healthy vegan diet as such a significant and radical change, especially when the alternative is lifelong medication. What greatly upsets me is […] more


Diabetes is REVERSIBLE, Despite What Many Say

According to a recent report from the International Diabetes Foundation, by 2030, 1 in every 10 adults worldwide will have diabetes. The foundation states that “the number of people living with the disease is expected to soar to 552 million by 2030 — equating to three new cases every 10 seconds — up from 366 million in 2011, unless urgent action is taken.” (See the Reuter’s article here.) It saddens me to read this, and to hear constantly about new cases and the general soaring rates of the disease because diabetes is preventable and, for those who already have it, is […] more


Support Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself

Given the proper nourishment, the body will rebalance, rebuild, and rejuvenate itself. Disease is curable, and most certainly preventable, if one eats healthy, lives simply and harmoniously (i.e. without too much complication), and has some kind of spiritual practice, be it yoga, organized religion, meditation, or what I like to call “integrated faith” (i.e. taking from many different religions and philosophies the parts that truly resonate with you–something that I myself practice). For me, the need to teach others the ability to self-heal is paramount because we are becoming increasingly sick and dying from so many preventable illnesses because we […] more

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